A Full Line of Metric Casters

A Full Line of Metric Casters

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Our signature Maxx™ casters are now available in a full range of metric sizes. That includes metric stems, plates and other components. Whether it’s to replace European equipment or for new products, the Metric Maxx™ provides the versatility that will allow you to cater to every market.

The Maxx is a brilliant combination of engineering and design that has grown into a full family of casters suitable for a broad array of applications. We continue to innovate and develop the Maxx line, creating casters that will outperform any comparable caster.

North American Engineering and Production
Every one of our Metric Maxx casters features a one-piece, no-weld construction. That, combined with a 20 mm heavy-duty steel kingpin, makes the Maxx virtually indestructible and maintenance-free. In addition, every Maxx comes with a double raceway construction that ensures outstanding maneuverability. Diameters range from 75 mm to 200 mm with 50 mm tread widths and its capacity is up to 540 kg. With an expansive array of options, these casters are all NSF approved and suitable for innumerable applications.

All Metric Maxx casters are manufactured in our integrated production facility in Toronto, providing excellent lead times, dependable delivery dates and trusted North American quality backed by our 3-year No-Excuse Warranty.

Stainless Steel Metric Maxx9™
The Metric Maxx9™ is produced using work-hardened, electro-polished and de-magnetized SAE 304 stainless steel. Raceway balls, top plates, bearings, bushings and side washers are also produced using stainless steel. This caster is perfect for healthcare, pharmaceutical, food processing and other clean environments.  

Both the Metric Maxx and Maxx9 casters are available with iLock brakes  – our unique multi-directional and/or wheel lock brake. With a sleek, user-friendly design and made from our proprietary thermoplastic nylon material, it is practical, lightweight and long-lasting.

Low Profile Metric Maxx
All low-profile Metric Maxx casters come with a rollover embossed top plate that features a deep draw curl to add capacity and prevent bending. M8 clinch nuts make installation a breeze. They are available with thumb screw brakes and matching rigid casters can be ordered.

The Low Profile Metric Maxx casters are perfect for heavy-duty professional equipment, business machines, industrial automatic dispensers, food/drink dispensing machines, appliances as well as freezer and refrigerator showcases.

3×2 Low Profile Metric Maxx
With an overall height of 108 mm and a shortened lead offset, the capacity of this low-profile caster is a whopping 540 kg. The 75 mm x 50 mm configuration allows for maximum weight distribution and makes moving heavy loads easier.
The low-profile Metric Maxx is produced with RollX™ wheels that require minimum effort to roll and swivel with heavy loads. The RollX wheel absorbs hard impacts, is non-marking, moisture friendly and is resistant to most chemicals, solvents, gases, acids and steam cleaning.

Metric Mighty Maxx
This dual-wheel caster combines an impressively low overall height of 92 mm with an equally impressive 790 kg of capacity. A stabilizer added to the front of the yoke strengthens the caster, creating front-to-rear load balance and preventing the caster from failing when subjected to shock loads.

Mighty Maxx comes with dual 66 mm x 34 mm RollX™ wheels equipped with roller bearings. Two wheels add capacity and make the caster easier to maneuver. When turning, one wheel pivots, making it almost effortless to navigate curves and corners.

Other Options
Metric Maxx casters come with a wide variety of finishes, brakes and bearings as well as metric-sized plates and stems. That includes modular stems which, when paired with a bolt-hole caster, allow the stem height and diameter to be customized.
Find out more
Metric Maxx™ casters are ready to meet to help you meet the varied needs of your customers, no matter where they are or what equipment they are using. To find out what a Metric Maxx™ caster can do for you, contact your local Algood representative or a member of our customer service team.


Download our Metric Maxx™ catalogue pages to see all the available configurations and options including wheels, brakes, bearings, plates, and stems.

Algood is proud to manufacture its casters and wheels right here in North America. With our fully integrated manufacturing facility in Toronto, we are leaders in quality and innovation. For more information on Algood’s casters and capabilities, visit our websitesend us an email or call us at 1-800-254-6633.





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